Denver’s Fadumo Adan becomes ‘U.N. Refugee Voice’

Global Colorado Network

fadumoCollege student Fadumo Adan, a Somali native and refugee living  in Denver, CO, will be one of just a handful of refugees in this year’s United Nations Refugee Congress in Washington D.C. this week.

Adan said she will be voicing her concerns of the refugee community at this year’s annual Congress. She was chosen by the UNHCR in Denver because she has been active in her community. She plans on being an advocate and policy maker for immigrant and refugee rights in the future.

“I have noticed that the more that I have gotten involved with the more opportunities there are for me,” Adan said.

Adan is a college student at the University of Colorado Denver and will be graduating with a degree in Sociology in Spring 2014.  

Adan became a refugee from Somalia in the early 1990’s when she was only several weeks old. Her and her family…

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