Pray for Purdue

Pray for Purdue

My Alma Mater means the world to me. It is what I call home and the safest place in life. Everyone that has attended Purdue, knows the pressure is intense but the legacy is so worth it. I have always wondered how you can cry for someone that you never knew, today I realized how. We are all boilermakers. Although we did not walk the same journey we have impacted the same legacy. I can not understand what could bring someone to commit such a crime. Just how I ponder over the hate crimes that still goes on at Purdue. Today I shed a tear for a boy I never knew, for a campus that I havent seen in 5 months, and for the family/students/staff and faculty that are distraught and heart broken. At the end of the day we are all and always will be Boilermakers. #BOILERUP

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