The only thing pretty

Are you the only thing?

I see people always and forever praising Glamour Gawds. But, where are the women/girls who are the ones of academic ability and capability being praised. I know most of you lifestyle and make up figures bring up that education is important (great for you), it just has a stronger impact coming from someone that actually practices what they preach. It has always been a competition, rather you want to admit it or not, and honestly it irritates me. Has anyone ever heard of being well rounded? I understand that business is business, but being intellectual should not be made to seem like it is being jeopardized for “all things pretty” to succeed.

I was scrolling down my instagram, pur usual (yes I said pur), and one of my favorite girls in the world posted a picture saying tag “the most inspirational people you know”, or something of that nature, dont directly quote me but it was of that essence. And how fitting only the glamour gawds were tagged (at least those were the only ones tagged when I was scrolling, there could have been other people from different industries tagged, but this is what I SAW) , or people that are correlated with that type of industry. Now, lets state a couple of facts. The girl that posted this, she is one I would consider apart of the glamour gawds (although she is educated and has her own business) her followers are more likely to be into that thing… fashion, makeup, all things pretty and nice. So this definitely has a direct correlation with glamour. Im just saying, its always “education this, education that” but can we tag someone of academic, financial, more than skin deep importance? Or is this not that type of party. Now yes, these women have built their brand and all that jazz so they are powerful in a sense and “all things pretty” is a billion dollar industry, but why does it seem that this is what has become more relevant and important.

Honestly, that is why I made this blog. To show that there is more. Hell yea, the shit sales but I rather teach my daughter about other things, sorry not sorry.

But no one is going to have this… are they. Nope. and I dont give a fuck because I am always here for the girls with the brains. Brains over beauty everyday.

Some of these girls that were tagged I actually love. Admire even. One of the girls came from the struggle so I am completely proud of her. I feel like society is going into a movement where we are moving from women being smart. They are just suppose to show up pretty and that irritates me. Because the men with the engineering degrees are so much better than the men that work at wendy’s but as long as a woman looks good, that’s all that really matters.

I am not, by any means, saying that women with books can not be “all things pretty”. Hey, that would make it even better. But that book side of them would not be as highlighted. Regardless of what any one says you know its true. I have my moment of “all things pretty” I wont even lie. I love my closet, I collect vintage blazers, I love viewing new collections but I rather walk through a bookstore, go to a philosophy seminar, read a couple pages of Plato’s Republic.

I give credit where credit is due. I am not trying to take any hard work from what these girls have achieved. I just think it is a problem when “all things pretty” is becoming the “only thing pretty”.



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