The give and take

In life you always have to sacrifice, its whats knowing what to sacrifice the big problem. Especially, when it comes to relationships. People always say loves trumps all, but for a young professional that usually is not the case. I could not see myself right now sacrificing anything in my professional life. I dont even want anything or anyone to make me think about that. My love life is the ultimate sacrifice. I use to be closed out and didnt have the ability to express my emtions, but now I express them. Its usually just through loudness which I admit im working on.

For a great relationship to flourish it has to be give and take. Right now, the only great relationship I want to flourish are work related. Is that selfish of me? Of course, because I do have someone in my life, but it becomes a point to where I really dont care. I mean, I TRY to make it work but if I have to go to a conference for a weekend and you want to see me guess what im choosing, the conference.

Im sure if it was a male putting his career first this would not be a problem. Putting my career first maybe the reason I am 50 and alone, I just pray that I have something to show for it.


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