Note to Self – Moral Imperative

A principle originating inside a person’s mind that compels that person to act.

Fundamental principles of our moral duties are Categorial Imperatives.

cc: Kant’s Categorical Imperative

I kind of dont get it.

I know that (at least pertaining to Kant) it is Imperative because it is a command. Categorical It is in virtue of applying to us unconditionally, or simply because we possesses rational wills, without reference to any ends.

A categorical imperative would be something that we react upon without seeking a end. It is an unconditional command of conscience i.e saying thank you.

I found this interesting : (cc: Ethics. the rule of Immanuel Kant that one must do only what one can will that all others should do under similar circumstances.

And it is stated that will is our conscious when it is choosing an action.

I will research this and come back to it later…


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