Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

As it goes for me, I think I do my best thinking on Social Networks. Yes, Social Networks. When I’m alone and have down time I dont like to think about work or anything. I use that as my easy moment. I like to just browse the internet for random things or meditate to center myself (its a learning process, something I’m trying to become good at).

But, when it comes to social networks, to me they mean more than frivilous thinking. I really think they speak volumes and more than we would ever think. I dislike when people say “It’s just twitter.” No, its not just twitter. These are your actual thoughts and some of them you can just be caught up in the moment with tweeting and dont realize that you actually tweeted that because your subconscious takes over withouty ou ever knowing.

Social networks spark conversation sometimes about the most irrelevant things, other times about the most interesting and this is where my new ideas come in. It leads me to question how and why people could possibly think a certain way and this my dear is how this blog came along. I think a lot of people are focused on beauty and glam and all things pretty and sparkly; but what about the women that are out fighting for needs and efforts everyday. Sure some may do it while indulging in beauty and glam but these causes are important and should be celebrated just as much.

So a why from a social network has evolved into a done on this blog.


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